Vy tries to study

Anyone else get this problem?

Because I sure do.

(Or, alternatively, this problem: )

And it’s back to Organic Chemistry for me.

8 thoughts on “Vy tries to study

    • Chyeaaahhh that’s the way to do it! Tetris Battle is currently my vice.
      Hahaha imagination is indeed important! I had this discussion with the art teacher at the Boys and Girls Club… he told me about why kids are the best– they still have their imagination fully active and intact. It’s sad how it diminishes over time… I definitely lost it right when I got to middle school.

  1. Oh, yes. I have that problem ALL THE TIME. Specifically in my Marine Ecology class, which while I’m sure I’ll come out with an A (and I adore the professor!), it’s just so hard to get through. It combines all types of sciences–geology, biology, oceanography, etc EXCEPT FOR CHEMISTRY. . .and Chemistry is my favorite. >.< Plus, it's an online class and we have to watch exceedingly long videos about the ocean. My sister is fascinated by them, though I'm not. I'd take your Organic Chem class any day!

    • WE SHOULD TRADE! Your class sounds way interesting, except for maybe the excessively long videos. (My attention span = 0) There are some kids who like ochem!… I’m just not one of them. 😛

    • D’awww tanks. I was getting quite tired of the old format– I never really liked it in the first place but couldn’t find another to my liking. Then WordPress released a theme I like and voila! Renovations!

  2. Hello, I teach ochem. To lift some of my students spirits, I was wondering if I could show them one of your strips at the start of the lecture?

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